Internet and Computer Consulting

Criated in 2000
by  Paulo Brás

GoForWeb is a company dedicated to computer science projects and is formed by computer science engeniers and specialized developers in several technologic fields.
Over the past years, GoForWeb has been developing several Internet and Multimedia projects using state-of-the-art technology.
Its main concern and goal is helping people using Internet and Informatics in general, in a economical and objective way, as a mean of communication, entertainment, and business .

GoForWeb main activity areas

• Static sites building. (See portfolio)
• Dynamic sites building using CGI scripts and data base. (See portfolio)
• Individual aplications for PC's and PDA's using JAVA or VisualBasic programming languages.

• Multimedia presentations for individuals or companies in DVD or Web format.

• Magnetic cards coding and printing for identification and management aplications.
• Computer network design and building using Linux and Windows OS.
• Computer science lecturing

If you need something related to the Internet you have come across to the right place.
Just drop by Prices in order to know prices and conditions.

If you think you can be helpfull on the company expertise, do not hesitate and send us an e-mail to paulobras@yahoo.com
GoForWeb will do the best to study your suggestions so that it can always improve.




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